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Some recent work for school! I’m only used to drawing small little house cats so this was a bit of a challenge at the start. Had lots of fun painting it though!

I know that the Beast of Gévaudan is actually described as a more wolflike creature in mythology, but eh… decided to take some artistic liberties with the design and crossed it with a sabre-toothed cat instead + added some of those spiny red scales on its shoulders so that it looked a little more prehistoric. xD;


The Beast of Gévaudan was believed to be a wolf, a pack of wolves, or a type of wolf hybrid or a pack of them that terrorized Gévaudan, France from 1764 to 1767. In that time frame the beast(s) was estimated to have killed, depending on the source, anywhere from 60 to 130 people, while injuring over 30 people.

The beast was said to attack the throat, ripping it out. The beast would also attack the head of its victims as well. This is unusual to wolf attacks which typically would show injury to arms and legs.

The beast was said to be the size of a cow, but had the appearance of a wolf. The beast is said to have had claws like razors and red fur but had a black streak of fur on the back. The beast also had an unpleasant odour.

There is much speculation on what this beast was and if it was one animal or a pack/multiple animals. Most theories suggest a pack of abnormally sized wolves. This perhaps works, considering that the people who described the beast would have been attacked or seen the attack they would probably have been scared and when scared sometimes details get fuzzy and our mind might exaggerate the scarier details of something. As such an abnormally large (but not unrealistically) wolf becomes the size of a cow.

Another theory is that it was a hyena. Although hyena’s have 34 teeth and the beast purportedly had 42 teeth. It is believed it could have been an now extinct but then endangered hyena. Or even a hyena-wolf hybrid.

The third theory is a wolf-dog hybrid. This would account for its large size, its coloring and even perhaps with its fearlessness with approaching humans.

Modern writers like to make the beast a werewolf or a hellhound. And even some people in modern society believe the beast was a werewolf, claiming it would explain everything unusual and unexplainable about the beast, including the strange appearance and attack strategy.

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